S3 [ɔdz US a:dz] n [plural]
3 be at odds
4¦(horse racing etc)¦
5 it makes no odds
6 pay over the odds
the odds
how likely it is that something will or will not happen
The odds are (=it is likely) that he will commit the same crime again.
the odds of
You can narrow the odds of a nasty accident happening in your home by being more safety-conscious.
the odds against
The odds against a plane crash are around a million to one.
I'm afraid that the odds are heavily against her winning (=it is not likely) .
The odds are in favour of a Russian victory (=it is likely) .
What are the odds (=how likely is it) that they will mess up?
a new company that has beaten the odds and succeeded (=it was not likely to succeed, but it did)
difficulties which make a good result seem very unlikely
Against all the odds, he recovered from his terrible injuries.
The South Africans overcame the odds to beat Australia.
The hospital's director has been battling against the odds to improve patient care.
The odds are stacked against the young birds, especially in winter.
Their job was to hold on despite impossible odds , in order to give the rest of the army time to strike.
a little company that battled its way, despite enormous odds , to success
3.) be at odds
a) to disagree
be at odds with
Briggs found himself at odds with his colleagues.
be at odds over/on
The two politicians were at odds over what was the truth.
b) if two statements, descriptions, actions etc are at odds with each other, they are different although they should be the same
be at odds with
Mark's account of what happened is at odds with Dan's.
She gave him a sweet smile, totally at odds with the look of dislike in her eyes.
the numbers that show how much money you will win if you ↑bet on the winner of a horse race or other competition
The odds are 6-1.
odds of
At odds of 10-1 he bet a hundred pounds.
(at) long/short odds
(=high or low numbers, that show a high or low risk of losing)
Everyone was surprised when Desert Zone won the race, at very long odds.
lay/offer (sb) odds BrE
They are laying odds of 8-1 that the Conservatives will win the next election.
5.) it makes no odds
BrE spoken used to say that what someone does or what happens is not important
Pay me now or later - it makes no odds.
6.) pay over the odds
BrE informal to pay a higher price than is usual or reasonable
Most residents live in tiny apartments and pay over the odds for them too.
COLLOCATES for sense 2
against (all) the odds (=although there are great difficulties)
overcome the odds (=succeed although there are great difficulties)
battle against the odds
the odds are stacked against somebody (=there are great difficulties)
impossible odds
enormous/heavy/overwhelming odds

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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